Why is Argentina the right country for adventure seekers?

Why is Argentina  the right country for adventure seekers? 

When you know you have nothing to lose and a world to see, you know you’re an adventurer: a curious soul with a brave heart.  And since our world is filled with beautiful destinations, choosing one can be complicated, that’s why I’m here to guide you: Argentina could easily be the place your  risk-taker  spirit needs. 

Ps: Take your significant one with you, Argentina has romantic views and landscapes that would make you feel in “ The Notebook” . 

Let the virtual tour begin. 

 You probably should start with the capital, Buenos Aires. The museums and indoor places are breathtaking, but if you want to unleash your wild side, “Caballos A la Par” is the right place. Get on your horse and seize the moment. Bonus point; it is only a 30 minute trip outside of the capital.  

If you want more horse-related adventure “Abierto Argentino De Polo” is a prestigious event: a polo tournament, one of the oldest in the world. You can also find food stands (Sandwiches, ice-cream etc.)  

Moreover, if you want to take a short break and feel in a fairytale, Rosedal is the romantic garden, where you can admire the fountains, the nature and of course the roses.  

Now it’s time to be wilder,  Iguazu Falls, should be on your bucket list no matter what, and if you go to Argentina, you are not supposed to miss it. The falls are magical, something to stick to your memory forever, please and spoil your eyes and go check it. You can book a private tour online to make the experience more organized and easier to plan. 

After the adrenaline rush, time to try chocolate in Bariloche, then you can go back on the adrenaline rollercoaster and try hiking or skiing there. And why not try kitesurfing  on lago Nahuel Huapi? You can take lessons.  Adventures there are not limited: Horseback tours, parapenting, rock climbing, mountain biking,  kayaking… You name it. 

 Last but not least, Ushuaia, the young paradisiacal city geographically at the end of the world, can fill your heart with  its good vibes,  and colorful  structures. Rent a bike, and discover it with your own beautiful eyes! Boats of all shapes are also available.  

 You probably can confirm now that Argentina is such an exciting place made for adventures, and wild spirits. Are you still here? Or already on a plane?