Algeria, a beautiful risk

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The country not being safe to travel and certain regions being off limits is a common fact, but you don’t need to scratch it off the list, a lot of tourists are having more than fun in Algeria, warm welcomes and a good adventure are waiting for you in the largest country in the continent of Africa. 

A tour in the capital “Algiers” never  fails to amaze tourists. Founded by the Ottomans, the architecture is always noticed. It includes Ketchaoua mosque, mosque el Djedid and mosque El Kébir. You shouldn’t miss  Notre Dame d’Afrique, a  splendid basilica and an  example of the Neo-Byzantine style that was happening in French Algeria at the time. You will know more about the interesting history of Algeria if you hire a private guide.  

Want to feel in a sci-fi movie? the Atakor Plateau is where you should go. The landscapes are marvelous, you wont be disappointed. Transportation may be diffuclt but difficulties were made to be faced! 

Oran is a city you should visit too, especially if you like historical buildings, and want to try traditional Algerian cuisine. Who can say no to “Couscous”? Nobody! You will love Algerian couscous, but also Chakchouka, Hariri and more Algerian dishes.  

On the other hand, feeling in a fantasy movie in Algeria is also possible, Constantine is a splendid, natural spot for tourists, you will adore the magical landscapes and you will fall under the spell of the breathtaking nature! 

Setif is another city you should visit, the Romans ruins will amaze you. Timgad should also be on the list.  

To end your tour well, a city that  has been settled by the Vandals, Byzantines, Moroccans and Ottoman Turks should not be missed. Bejaia is definitely worth it.  

So, are you on your way or not yet?